“AAA games are same old, same old with prettier pictures”

Creator of Deus Ex, Warren Spector talked with IGN Unfiltered about the game industry and confessed he isn’t especially interested in the future of AAA games.


According to Spector, when comparing the game industry of today with that of the 90s, “we’re seeing an awful lot of same old, same old with prettier pictures”.

Spector doesn’t see a lot that interests him in the AAA space, and stated that high costs and big teams have led to a creative stagnation.


The creator of Deus Ex thinks indie developers are a beacon of creativity and stated he is more interested on events like Game Developers Conference than those of mainstream game developers. He also expressed high expectation towards the indie game Cuphead.

While development of AAA games stalled, indie games have been improving at an impressive pace thanks to diversity of ways to express the games we love.

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Why Warren Spector Isn’t Interested in the Future of AAA Gaming – IGN Unfiltered