A New Year in Indie Gaming

Every year is different in the gaming market; since the first game ever programmed, each year or decade has its favorites or more popular games – in all categories, including indie games, the ones that we are going to talk about here – and of course, in 2017 it’s still the same way. Today, we are going to talk about the best indie games – or the most popular ones – from Brazil, Latin America and the World.



First game on the list of best indie games of 2017 (players choice), according to the 2017 Indie of the Year awards from IndieDB. Foxhole is an MMO (massive multiplayer online) real time strategy game developed and distributed by Clapfoot. It’s a game where you work with many other players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. Every player contributes with building, combat, strategy and much more.

Foxhole is available at Steam for US$ 13,99 and at HumbleBundle for $19.99.



Chosen best Brazilian indie game at 2017’s Big Festival (Brazil’s Independent Games Festival), according to IGN. This game is still being developed by a Brazilian company from São Paulo called Among Giants. The game is described in their official website as a “musical psychodrama” with various genres in one game, where you play as a young woman on her journey of self knowledge, exploring an open world full of memories, wonders and puzzles to be solved. The unique aspect of the game is that the only “weapon” in the game are the songs played by a violin, an instrument found by the young woman, wich will help her in her path in many different moments and ways.

The game will be available soon for PC at Steam and Windows Store for pre-order in February, 8 and for regular purchase at February, 15.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters.jpg

Chosen best Latin American indie game at 2017’s Big Festival, according to IGN. This game was developed by “Ace Team” from Chile, the same developers behind “Rock of Ages”. The game is a science fiction, action packed adventure, with lots of good humor. The game is set in a giant tower where the player fights against various monsters in order to save the world from a tyrannical emperor.

The game is available for PS4 and PC at Steam for US$ 3.74, HumbleBundle for $14.99 USD, and Playstation Store for $14.99 USD.

Now, what to expect of 2018? There is one way to know! Check out some of the gaming events that are going to happen this year, in Brazil, Latin America and around the World.

Brazil Gaming Congress

The Brazil Gaming Congress is an event focused on the discussion of important aspects for those who wanting to enter the gaming market. Latin America is growing in the gaming industry and Brazil is up front with great projects; there has never been a greater need for information and discussion on subjects like the processes, taxation, regulations and such regarding the gaming market; and BGC 2018 will be a great opportunity to learn about them and also to meet people interesting people in this growing Latin American gaming market.

The Brazil Gaming Congress will take place in April 22-24 in São Paulo, Brazil. For more information, click here to visit its official website.

Game Developers Conference 2018

Known as the biggest event for game developers of America, this international event provides the opportunity for gaming industry professionals to interact, expand their network and promote their products. It’s also perfect for developers to find publishing, distribution partners, service providers and so on. Publishers and distributors can find new games and look for projects with potential, as well as service providers and international partners. Service Providers, on the other hand, can find publishers, distributors and developers looking for services.

It’s also worth noticing that Brazil is going to play a huge role in this event; Abragames (Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers) is going to be there with 80 entrepreneurs from 26 brazilian companies. Check Abragames’s calendar here.

This event will happen in March 19-23 in San Francisco, USA. For more information, click here to visit its official website.