5 Brazilian indie games you have to play

It’s hard to pick the best game when it comes to Brazilian games. The variety present in the country’s culture is also present in their games; all of the games featured in this post are so different from each other, that there is no way to choose a favorite. They’re all great games and you should check all of them out! So without further ado, here are 5 Brazilian games that are gathering attention all over the globe:

Horizon Chase Turbo (2018)

Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC and PlayStation
Available in: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Download links: Steam, Playstation Store.

Developed by the Aquiris Game Studio (based in my hometown Porto Alegre, Brazil) this game is a super fun straight-to-the-point tribute to the older generation of race games. As it is inspired by the arcade racing games from the 90’s, in this game, the objective is simple: win and unlock new locations to play.

Chroma Squad (2014)


Genre: Tactical RPG
Platforms: Android, iPhone, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Available in: English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese
Download links: Steam, gog, Playstation Store, App Store, Google Play

This game was developed by the Behold Studios (based in Brasília, Brazil) and it’s about a group of five stunt actors who decide to quit their jobs and start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show. As you can probably already tell, it’s a funny game, but that’s not all: you also get tactical combats, skill trees, crafting, and a storyline with 3 possible endings!

Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather (2014)

Genre: Platformer/Adventure
Platforms: PC, Xbox One
Available in: English, Portuguese
Download links: Steam, Xbox Live

Developed by Duaik (Based in São Paulo, Brazil) it’s a platform game featuring a boy called Aritana. Controlled by the player, the boy has a big mission ahead of him: to find a feather of a Harpy known as Uiruuetê, in order to save the leader of his tribe from an evil spirit that possessed his body

Ballistic Overkill (2017)


Genre: FPS
Platforms: PC
Available in: English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish (and more)
Download link: Steam

Developed by the already mentioned Aquiris Game Studio, this is the most famous game in this list. With over five thousand reviews on Steam, this is the perfect game to play with friends and release some stress by getting cool weapons and shooting enemies.

Starlit Adventures (2015)


Genre: Platformer/Adventure
Platforms: Android, iPhone, PlayStation 4
Available in: English, Portuguese
Download links: Google Play, App Store, Playstation Store

Developed by Rockhead Games (based in Porto Alegre, Brazil), this is a cute addictive game, where the player controls Bo and Kikki, playing through 64 stages, divided in 8 worlds, each one with new challenges, enemies, puzzles, and bosses, with the objective of collecting all stars.

Isn’t it great that you don’t have to choose which one to play? Go play them all and don’t forget to keep an eye out for new releases in the Brazilian indie game market! You will definitely not regret it.