Translation and localization services are charged by the amount of words, according to the following prices:

Up to 500 words: U$25
Delivery time: 1 business day or less

Up to 1k words: U$50
Delivery time: 1 business day

Up to 2k words: U$100
Delivery time: 2 business days

Up to 5k words: U$250
Delivery time: 5 business days

Up to 10k words: U$500
Delivery time: 10 business days

Warranty: Every service has a 30-day warranty for last-minute corrections or changes, free of charge, as long as these changes do not impact more than 20% of the translation provided. An extended warranty of 30-days post-release can be purchased at a 20% fee.

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal and Payoneer.

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