Trilingual glossary: Bladed weapons

Here’s a new, short glossary to use on your game localization process. Very useful for those working on RPGs, strategy and adventure genra. This one has 23 entries and focuses on bladed weapons such as swords and knifes, as well as related terms (e.g.: “two-handed”).

Swiss longsword, 15th or 16th century.

Swiss longsword, 15th or 16th century.


So, go ahead and grab what you need:

Link to Trilingual Glossary: Bladed Weapons


Trilingual glossary: Middle Age and Renaissance armor

How is that part of an armor that protects the arm called, again? Pro tip: It is not an arm plate. If you work as a game developer or concept artist and are working on a Middle Age or Phantasy-themed Project, it is important to get to know the anatomy of real, historical armors and learn the name of their parts as well. The complete set of plate armor, for example, is a body harness (in Spanish: arnés, in Portuguese: arnês).


Armadura de Gustavo I de Suecia, hecha en 1540.

In the following link, you will have access to a short glossary of 23 entries, containing the names of the most common pieces in Middle Ages and Renaissance plate armors, in English, Portuguese and Spanish:

Link to Trilingual Glossary: Middle Age and Renaissance Armor